🎉Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!🎉

🔊 I Won a Bluetooth Tire Speaker from Marlboro's Majority Rules Promotion! 🔊

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If you know me personally, you know that I always try to win things and I'm the queen of free!👑
My motto, "F.R.E.E, it's for me!"

I play the games that every cigarette company offers on their websites. If there is a promotion going on, I usually know all about it! Some companies hold more promotions than others and some have higher chances to win. The prizes are fabulous and they get better each promotion. The more you play the more you win! So play daily!📆

Marlboro is number one when it comes to great games and special prizes. I have won the most from Marlboro activities. Last year alone, I had 4 Zippo lighters mailed to my home from Marlboro and that wasn't all. The Phillip Morris Company has been good to me and I hope it never ends!💙

Another key (or tip) to winning with these sites is to bookmark the web pages to your phone homescreen and make sure to check in at least once a day! Most of the activities do have an option for text message and email reminders! Some of the games are based on a "weekly number point system" so it's impossible to earn enough points unless you enter every single day. This is why it's very important to play every single day!🎭

Black and Mild would come in second best because I have won a nice amount of prizes from them as well. Matter of fact, Marlboro and Black and Mild were the only companies to send me a birthday gift last year! Black and mild sent a nice tin can with liquor inside!🎁

All of the other brands are basically the same. Very rarely have I won from the other brands. Although, last year, Virgina Slim sent me a nice jewelry box! It's a lot of fun when you get mail that holds nice prizes. Sometimes the item you have won will show under your account with a tracking number but a lot of the times it's a perfect surprise!💌

I am very happy with all of the companies that have kindly sent me prizes over the years. The games are a lot of fun as well. I like to see what it is that these companies come up with next. Only time will tell!! The adventure moves on!🏃

Come tomorrow, February 27th, "Marlboro Ranch" will be starting a new promotion called "Flip, Fill, Win"! This is an instant win game with a chance to win a trip! This is a game that you can and should play daily! Go check it out and let me know what you win!!

(Check out the Promotions tab for all of the ways to win!)

(There is no purchase necessary to enter the promotions on each website. Cigarettes are highly addictive and bad for the health. Please use caution while on cigarette sites that contain ads and inappropriate material. This blog post is in NO way a reflection on cigarette use! I do NOT support smoking of any kind! For information on cigarettes use the link above for Phillip Morris Company's website.)

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