(Only open to customers of age! 21+!!)

(Picture from LM.com)

If you do not have an account with L&M yet than you will have to sign up for a new account before getting the free lighter.

Click here to create new account & sign in!!

Making a new account is fast and easy. Make sure to check your email for a confirmation letter and just follow the directions.

Please keep in mind that they will ask for the last 4 digits to your social security number but this is only so they can confirm that you are who you say and that you are of age.

This website along with some other cigarette sites have giveaways and game prizes all of the time!! I have won a lot of really nice things from these sites myself!!

*Only 1 per household!🏡
*Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery!📪
*Available while supplies last!🕰

(Please take the time to sign up to this blog for many future freebies, giveaways, & so much more!!)

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