🌽Vegan/Mexican Glazed Corn on the Cob🌽 (Grilled in the oven style!)

(Vegan Corn on the Cob/Mexican Style) 

-6 ears of corn on cob
(it's hard to find Non-GMO corn now so try to buy from a local grower. Corn is best between the months of August to September. If not... Use store bought corn) 

**Glaze Ingredients**
-Olive Oil
-2 Freshly Squeezed Limes (with pulp!) 
-Chili Powder 
-Crushed Red Pepper
-Ground Cumin 
-Oregano Leaves (fine chopped) 
-Garlic Powder 
-Onion Powder
-Cayenne Pepper 
-Minced Garlic (1 garlic clove for fresh crushed) 
--Taco Seasoning Packet - less than 1/4 - to taste (Can substitute any ingredients needed for the glaze if it's in the taco seasoning mix!)

1) Pre-heat oven to 420
2) Peel/Husk/Clean Corn (use cold water) 
3) Break each cob in 1/2 with hands (optional - fits in pan better & easier to eat)
4) Grab a deep dish pan (size 13x10 or so with 2 inch lip around the sides)
5) Cover the bottom of the pan with a light layer of olive oil
6) Add corn to pan & roll around in olive oil 

**Glaze Instuructions**
1) Squeeze 2 Limes (keep the pulp!) 
2) Add all of the needed spices to the lime juice (about two pinches of each to taste) 
3) Add olive oil to the glaze mixture (about 2 TSP - use more if mix is too spicy) 
4) When glaze mixture is to the desired taste use a small spoon to start drizzling 1/2 of the glaze mix to the top of each ear of corn.
Place in the oven (at 420) for 15 minutes. Take out after 15 minutes to flip the corn & add more glaze. Roll the corn around. Place each ear up with the brown side showing. Add the last 1/2 of the glaze mixture to the tops. Put back in the oven for another 15 minutes. When done - Enjoy! 😋

📹YouTube Video Review - Thick Golden Choker Necklace!!📹

🎊This is a really exciting post because it's my first YouTube video review on my new channel!🎊

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(Photo provided by Chichura Photography®)

I'm happy with my decision to purchase this thick golden choker chain necklace! I did decide on just the golden choker without the black tie because I really like how unique and original this choker is.
Chokers are the new "got to have" accessory for women of all ages. When I see someone wearing a choker it's usually a plain black one which is nice but a bit boring for my taste. I like to keep up with style and trends but I also make them my own. This is a great example of how I make fashion my own because this choker isn't the normal choice but it's a great one.
This choker is beautiful with the four "V" row design that helps it to lay perfectly on the neck and it isn't heavy. I do wish that the end clasp was a bit longer and had a ball on the end but I can always add them if needed. This necklace is on the smaller side so please be sure to check the measurements before you order.
I look amazing everytime I wear this choker and the compliments I get make me want to wear it everyday!
I purchased a nice army fatigue button up top but couldn't find jewelry to wear with it. I tried dangle earrings that looked good but not great. It's often hard to choose from earrings or a necklace but with this choker I'm all set.

**Additional Pictures:
(Picture 1 of end clasp I wish had ball on the end and Picture 2 shows the side view.)

(Photo's provided by Chichura Photography®)

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