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Backseat Car Organizer - Kids Toy Storage - Comes with Visor Organizer 

From the top down to bottom, this backseat car organizer has plenty of pockets to hold just about anything without the issue of sagging low from over packing or moving around while driving. The entire backseat car organizer kit has become a great addition to my car and I am very happy with this product overall! I really like the organizers and I would definitely recommend this specific car organizer kit to every one!

The installation process only took about 2 minutes for me to complete. It was very easy because both the top and bottom straps are fully adjustable and have a release buckle with 3 prongs to clip the straps into place. Simply apply the top strap around the headrest of the front seat, clip it together with the release buckle, and slide the strap adjuster until it fits tightly. Then, un-clip the release buckle on the bottom strap to adjust to the length needed to fit around the bottom part of the seat. Wrap the strap around the seat and buckle it back together. Adjust the length of the strap until it fits nicely to the seat and just tuck the strap into the seat so it doesn't show.

The pockets that this backseat organizer has really blew my mind because of how big they are! The top pocket is a flip open that is easy to open and close because of the two velcro pieces it has on each end. I like to use this pocket for things that I don't want to leave out for people to see while I run into a store like my cell phone.
To the left side of the top pocket is a button clipped holder that can be used for lots of things that are nice to have on hand. In the picture above the clipped holder is holding a pacifier but my son is now 9 years old so he often uses that for his flashlight or hand sanitizer.
The second row has two big pockets that have a total of eight mesh pockets in front that are all the same size. These eight mesh pockets are the perfect size to store things like pens, pencils, stylus, post-it's, life savors, device wires, ect! Every single pocket can be used for numerous things and there is a place for just about anything!
The bottom row has become my sons favorite because the cup holders in my vehicle are the kind that swing out from the back of the arm rest and he can't get to it with his seat belt on. But now my son can easily reach his drink and other things while staying safely buckled! This bottom row has another big pocket that goes fully across similar to the top pocket but without the closer flap. It has two mesh pockets in the middle and two mesh cup holder pockets on each side.

The visor organizer is very easy to apply! It has two nylon straps on the back that hold it in place. By having one strap to each end makes the middle part open so that the mirror and pull-out sun visors are still accessible. I have tried many different kind of visor organizers and CD holders in the past but they have always covered up the mirror but now I finally have the perfect one!
There are two small slots on the visor that can be used to hold pens and pencils but I have been using one for my stylus and the other for my favorite pen! Below the pen holders there is a square sized mesh pocket that can be used for things that a driver would need easy access to. This pocket would be the perfect place to store the vehicles registration and other information that would be needed in case of an emergency. At the far right end of the visor there are two horizontal slide pockets that are both as big as the visor is across. Because these pockets aren't as easy to access I have found they are great to hold things like bank deposit slips, mail, bills, and things of that nature. I have also used these two pockets to slide my sunglasses into and they have stayed in place without hanging down into my view or falling off.

Just by the company providing the risk free purchase (no questions asked return policy) money back guarantee and the life time warranty shows me that they really believe in this product! As if the backseat organizer, visor organizer, risk free purchase, money back guarantee, and the life time warranty aren't already a steal deal for the low price they give you so much more! They provide a paper with instructions on how to gain access to register the product for the lifetime warranty, download the free eBook, watch the video tutorial, and how gain access to a 25% off gift card on the next purchase!

The registration process is so simple! Just go to the website address provided to enter a name and email address. After the information is entered click on the "Register Your Product" button and it will redirect to a new page of confirmation. This page will say thank you and state that the information has been sent to the inbox of the email provided. They also say to check the spam folder and give the subject name that the email will be listed under for a easy way to search. When I went to the site to register the email traveled so quickly that I just about got it right away! It did end up in my spam folder but because they instructed me so well I knew what to look for. Inside of the email was the eBook that could be downloaded or opened up as a temporary PDF file. The video tutorial was in both a desktop and mobile format. I was very pleased with how they did this because the video being accessible in both ways gives the customer the option to choose what they would like. The video can be watched on any phone or tablet before and/or while installing the organizer into the vehicle.

This kit is great and it's the best one I have come across so far so I definitely recommend it!
I did receive this product to test for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated above are 100% of my own and I stick by everything that I have stated.

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LIAMTU Skin Sticker Cover Limited Edition Look kit Blue Fire Skull Decals for the Xbox One Console and Controller (Video Game)

This Blue Fire Skull Skin Sticker for the Xbox One Console and Controller by LiamTu is AWESOME!!
Applying the entire skin was super easy to do and the pieces are cut perfectly to fit every spot!
I grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a cloth to remove any spots or dust particles on the surface before
placing down the skin. I gently wiped the entire Xbox down then took all of the pieces out of the bag.

I looked at every piece and thought to myself where each one would go before I did anything permanent. I decided to start with the biggest piece that lays on top of the console. Before I began I noticed that there was a logo cut-out in the skin so I decided to use that as my guide. I carefully picked the edge of the skin to get the backing to come apart and started to line the sides up with the logo in place. Once it was in the best place I then stuck it down with force and used a plastic card to scrape into place. If you use the plastic card like I did be careful because it will make a scratch in the skin if you press hard. But, using the card really did help me with any imperfections or bubbles so I do suggest using one! Gently push the card down as you slowly pull off the backing to place down more of the skin into place.

I looked to the pieces and grabbed my next section which was the bottom right corner. I decided to do this corner first because it had a logo cut-out on it just like the first one and was the perfect one to keep everything aligned. I used the same method for the entire console. I just slowly peeled off the backing to the skin down but I didn't apply force until I made sure that it was properly placed. It's very easy to peel back up if you make a mistake so I was sure to take my time and place the skin down gently then go back with the plastic card to press it down.

The next piece I did was the bottom left side where the disk goes into the Xbox. This was also very easy to follow because it had the disk slot in place to act like a guide. After I got that piece on to cover the entire front I did the easiest one which for me was the right side. The skin and Xbox both have a line at the top of the back part that slants down so it was the best place to start. Before I knew it, I had the entire console covered and it looked amazing!!

My son didn't want the Xbox One with a Kinect so unfortunately I didn't get to use that piece but I always have it in case! I just moved on to do the controller and it was just as easy. This was the only time that I took the entire back off the skin to place it down onto the surface. I carefully eyed the controller cut-out spots together and gently placed it down. When I had the skin in the perfect place I went back to press it down permanently. I am very happy with the results because my sons Xbox One with the skull skin on it looks fantastic!! My son really liked it when I showed him too! I strongly recommend this product and I will definitely be buying skins for everything now!

I did receive this product to test and review at very low discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated are 100% my own!

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