Hair Detangler Brush by Bella Eleganze Beauty Supplies


*Best Hair Detangler Brush Adults Children by Bella Eleganze Beauty Supplies* 

This brush is amazing!
I have long natural curly hair so it's hard for me to manage. I suffer from frizz, horrific tangles, and knots on a daily basis. By not having the correct tool to manage, my hair became damaged and I had a lot of split ends. I could't grow my hair as long as I wanted it to be because I had to get my ends trimmed once a month.

I have tried everything! But, nothing compares to The Brush by Bella Eleganze.

The bristles are very strong and sturdy. It feels amazing to run it through your hair because it massage the scalp.

I have noticed that I don't have clumps of hair falling out in the shower any longer.

My son has very coarse hair and he loves this brush as well. The pink doesn't bother him at all!

This brush is so easy to clean! I'm in love with it and will use it every single day!

I would highly recommend this to everyone and I will definitely be purchasing a few very soon for gifts!

*I received this product to review at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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Professional Eyelash Curler by liveWIRE beauty


*Professional Eyelash Curler by liveWIRE Beauty*

Great curler for a great value!!

I received my Professional Eyelash Curler from liveWIRE beauty earlier this week and after using it now for a few days I can say that I really fell in love with it!

I really like the idea of never having to buy another refill pad because make-up and all of the things that go along with it are expensive enough. But, the liveWire eyelash curler is a great investment and the price is very fair! I will definitely be purchasing a few for gifts very soon!

I also really like the fact that it doesn't pinch or pull my lashes. That was the main thing I needed to really see for myself and I was very skeptical but it is true! I didn't have that painful pinching that brought tears to my eyes every time I used it.

I would highly recommend this curler above all others! It gets the job done without having to go through the pain for the beauty!

Extra Tip: While using this product I realized that you can get your eyelashes to curl up even more if you start to curl the base line than apply the curler again to the middle part of the eyelash and again to the ends. That will give the most dramatic curl by far!

*I received this product to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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Azio Hue Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo Promotion


I would like to share this wireless combo! The company Azio Corp has a great promotion out right now! Here is the link to Azio Corp: This great company is promoting the Azio Hue Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo. Head on over to take a look by following this link: Click Here - Link For Product How many colors will you purchase? #aziocorp

The Azio HUE Keyboard and Mouse Combo brings a splash of color to any computer desk or work space in a rage of three gorgeous color choices. The choices that are being offered are Lime Green, Candy Pink, and Berry Blue! Wires, cords, and plugs are all a thing of the past here because this combo is a wireless unit that will reach up to thirty feet of the wireless receiver so you can relax or type on the go. The mouse is also wireless and has that nice complimentary pop of color that makes the two devices go very well together. They are also both hooked up through one USB device making it so both the keyboard and the mouse communicate smoothly. 
Comes with 3 AAA required batteries and a quick start, warranty pamphlet to get you started in the right direction from the moment it arrives!