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This site is really amazing and it's so well organized! I fell in love with this website so I had to share! 

The sign up process is very simple but in order to get 5 Free Energy Points you must use my personal link:

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In the picture above you will see the layout of how it works and below that is where you will request items. Here it shows how many energy points it will take for that item.

What are energy points? 
ExtremeRebate has a special Tiers and Limits to help encourage people to complete their reviews. Every tier has a different amount of energy. Each item will have the amount of energy needed to get that product. After you purchase the product you go to "My Requests" to put in the order ID. Make sure to do this step of you will not get paid back. It can take up to 48 hours to see a rebate. PayPal is what this site uses to give the customer the rebate cash back. Depending on the PayPal account you may have to pay minor fees. Check your account for more information.

If you do NOT have a PayPal account Click here to create a new PayPal (personal) account. Make sure to subscribe for a personal account not a business account. If you do choose business for any reason please note that the fees will be a lot higher per item!
                         Seller Cash Back - Help
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What Not to Do - Help
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