📹YouTube Video Review - Thick Golden Choker Necklace!!📹

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(Photo provided by Chichura Photography®)

I'm happy with my decision to purchase this thick golden choker chain necklace! I did decide on just the golden choker without the black tie because I really like how unique and original this choker is.
Chokers are the new "got to have" accessory for women of all ages. When I see someone wearing a choker it's usually a plain black one which is nice but a bit boring for my taste. I like to keep up with style and trends but I also make them my own. This is a great example of how I make fashion my own because this choker isn't the normal choice but it's a great one.
This choker is beautiful with the four "V" row design that helps it to lay perfectly on the neck and it isn't heavy. I do wish that the end clasp was a bit longer and had a ball on the end but I can always add them if needed. This necklace is on the smaller side so please be sure to check the measurements before you order.
I look amazing everytime I wear this choker and the compliments I get make me want to wear it everyday!
I purchased a nice army fatigue button up top but couldn't find jewelry to wear with it. I tried dangle earrings that looked good but not great. It's often hard to choose from earrings or a necklace but with this choker I'm all set.

**Additional Pictures:
(Picture 1 of end clasp I wish had ball on the end and Picture 2 shows the side view.)

(Photo's provided by Chichura Photography®)

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