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Giveaway is OVER!!
Winner was contacted.
(look for my February giveaway!)

Each month I will be hosting one or multiple giveaways so be sure to subscribe to this blog so you have a chance to actually win something! I have a ton of GREAT items that I wish to giveaway to my readers! Every month will be different so please pay attention to all of the information provided. I will have some giveaways where the item will be known as well as the number of winners for that month & other giveaways will be "blind" or the item will not be known. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to my blog if you haven't already, skim through my blog to check out all of the new postings, then sign up for my monthly giveaway! Who will win this month?
This giveaway is for the month of January 2017!
The winners will be picked randomly by using a generator.
This months giveaway is a "Blind Giveaway" which means the item(s) that I will giveaway can be anything!
No one but myself will know what the giveaway item will be in the blind giveaway or how many winners will be picked.Winners will be notified via email & listed on the winner post after confirmation of email.
Failure to respond to the email(s) will result in disqualification.
*Only (1) submission form per person - per address - will NOT ship to PO BOX!

Giveaway Submission Form Link
Please be sure to fill out the form for the monthly giveaway properly! 
Make sure ALL of the information is correct before submitting the form. 

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