☕Brooklyn Beans Assorted Variety Pack Single-Cup Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 40 Count☕

⚡Best Lighting Deal⚡ - ☕Best Coffee!!☕

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I have been using Two Rivers coffee now for over a year and they never disappoint!
When I received my assortment sampler box there were exactly 40 k-cups. The flavor assortment was perfect!
The following are the flavors and count of what came:
(3) Colombian (3) Oh Fudge
(4) Fugadaboutit (3) Maple Sleigh
(3) Black and White Cookie (2) Coney Island Carmel (2) French Roast (2) Vanilla Skyline (2) Express-O (2) Corner Doughnut Shop (2) Hazelnut (2) Breakfast Blend (3) Cinnamon Subway (3) Brooklyn Bridge Blend (2) Boardwalk Blend (2) Cyclone
My favorite flavors are the Oh Fudge and Fugadaboutit. I wish I could pick exactly what I want for my box when ordering but I'm happy regardless. I was surprised to see a new flavor being the black and white cookie! It was just as great as all of the other flavors! Another thing that I really like about this product is that the box is designed to open on the bottom so I sit it right next to my Keurig machine. This saved me from having to buy a k-cup holder!
Every flavor is great and I highly recommend this brand to everyone!

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