***BBQ Grill Brush By USA Kitchen Elite***

**The BBQ Grill Brush By USA Kitchen Elite**

This Grill Brush Is A Beast!

The BBQ Grill Brush By USA Kitchen Elite is a very well made product that works better than any brush I have used in the past. The brush is very strong and gets the job done without the pain due to the constant hard scrubbing. 

The brushes are attached to multiple strong twisted metals in a 3 row pattern. I've never saw a design quite like this but I really like it! It covers a lot of space while cleaning and saves so much time! The long 18 inch handle makes it extremely easy to reach even the toughest spots. I have not had any problems with the bristles falling out like most brushes did that I have used in the past. I  see this brush lasting a very long time!

This brush comes with a a nice carry bag but it also comes with a thick plastic cover for the bristles to avoid injury. This makes it easy to store away and even hang right to the grill.

I have used this brush on my grill but I have found many other uses for it as well. Being in the catering business we have a large kitchen. I dread cleaning the eight pallet stove and the two ovens because it takes up so much time and still never gets cleaned properly. But, with this brush cleaning up the kitchen is a breeze now! The bristles don't scratch the surfaces and it cuts through anything like a charm! I highly recommend this brush to everyone. USA Kitchen Elite definitely knew what they were doing when they designed this product! 

The price is a steal being all you get with the brush and that it even has a lifetime warranty!

*I received this product at a discounted price to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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