Indoor Powerful Plug-in Pest Repeller by HOONT

 Indoor Powerful Plug-in Pest Repeller - Eliminate All Types of Insects and Rodents!!

 Small - Compact - Effective!!!

Really liking this Indoor Powerful Plug-in Pest Repeller with Night Light by Hoont!
It's small and compact to fit anywhere in the house without getting in the way but very effective!!
They state that the ultrasonic sound emitted by the Pest repeller can travel up to 5,000 sq. feet. (In an open area!)
I was very excited to get this in the mail today because my son was complaining about bug bits from our kittens fleas!
I've made a vet appointment for the kitten but it isn't coming fast enough!!!
So, I plugged it in right away and I hope to see results very soon!!


• Ultrasonic Pest Control – Variable or Fixed
• Electromagnetic Pest Control
• Night Light - Blue LED - On/Off Setting
• Chemical Free
• Harmless to Humans – Pets* – Electronics
• Recommended by Professionals


Be sure to plug this in an open area without anything blocking the device.
Set the device to Variable – this constantly changes from 20KHZ to 40KHZ and prevents pests from becoming immune to the sound. Fixed leaves the frequency at 55KHZ.
I would get one each for the rooms that you would like to treat!
Do NOT use in the same area with household pets such as rodents!!!*

Effective to Repel:

• Rats & Mice
• Ticks & Fleas
• Spiders & Ants
• Roaches & Bedbugs
• And most other insects

*I received this product at a discounted price to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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